This play was originally written in 1930, based on a popular Iranian folk story.

Ostensibly, the plot revolves around the war between Iran and Toraan. But, reading between the lines, it is a clear warning against selling one’s integrity by allowing foreign powers to interfere with a sovereign state’s mechanism.

With this message in mind, the British Government in India banned this play, with the help of the local business community.

Another currently relevant point this play makes, is that the conflicts and rifts that might exist between various groups, can be wiped away by a recognition of their common cultural and traditional values.

First Performance

Date: 4th to 6th June, 2012

Venue: Hall No 2 Alhamra The Mall Lahore


Usman Zia                                         Rustam

Zohaib Haider                                   Sohrab

Aaliya Abbassi                                  Tahmina

Sarfraz Ansari                                   Shah-e-Samangaan/ Hajeer

Khola Qurashi                                   Gird Aafrid

Wasim Haider                                   Afrasiyab/ Kekaous

Muhammad Wasim                         Pelsium/ Behram

Zoya Qazi                                          Raqasa/ Kaneez

Nadeem Abbas                                 villager/ Wazir

Asif Hussain                                      Wazir/ Sardar

Yaqoob Salamat                              Sardar/Humaan/ Solider

Aashar Khan                                      Barmaan/ Solider

Luka Kalvin                                        Villager/ Solider

Ehsan Butt                                         Sardar/ Solider

Shahid Khan                                      Sardar/ Solder


Written by:          Agha Hashar Kashmiri

Directed and Designed by: Malik Aslam

Costume Designed by: Aaliya Abbassi/ Nadeem Abbass

Music by: Sarfraz Ansari

Musicians: Krishan Lal, Adnan Jhon, Dilber Hussain, Bari