Mission Statement

“To create innovative theatre, using folk and modern techniques of stagecraft, to help change prevalent attitudes and behaviours, towards creating a society free of prejudice and discrimination.”


  • Highlighting social ills using theatre
  • Combining Folk theatre techniques with Modern theatre techniques to create a more relevant, more accessible contemporary theatre
  • Revitalizing Folk theatre and Traditional theatre techniques
  • Providing a platform for exploring, creating and performing a new theatre


  • Train newcomers and facilitate their integration into the mainstream as Actors, Directors, Writers, Sound & Light Directors, and Set Designers.
  • Spread awareness on actors rights and help end the institutional exploitation of actors.
  • Develop an active, thriving Repertory Theatre Company.
  • Provide Financial Aid to actors, and help them dedicate more of their time to their creative growth.
  • Incorporate contemporary theatre techniques into our theatre training.