About us

Although Azad Theatre was established as an organization as recently as 2011, it consists of a very experienced and dynamic team with over 22 years of experience in theatre.

The team is amongst the best-trained theatre teams in Pakistan, since all its members have attended a number of national and international workshops over the years, and have been trained in international as well as local theatre techniques.

The team has a lot of experience to organize Theatre Events. This team has organized 4 Indo-Pak Theatre Festivals from 2004 to 2007 and also has the experience to organize many national level Theatre Festival events for the past 10 years.
The team has been performing in the mainstream for the past 20 years, and has hence gained insight into folk and modern theatre techniques. The core team comprises of:

Malik Aslam (CEO, Actor, Director, Playwright, Lights & Sound Director, Set Designer)

He is actively involved in international theatre performances over the last 18 years. Received theatre training from national and international theatre experts. He is one of the best light and set designers in Pakistan, and has participated in over 20 international and national theatre festivals as an actor, director, light designer and set designer. He has been taught light design and set design by German and Indian trainers. He has conducted theatre workshops across Pakistan

Sarfraz Ansari (Actor, Director, Vocalist)

He is active in theatre for the last 22 years, with over 1,000 local and international performances. He has got theatre training from theatre experts (from India, Bangladesh, Japan, Nepal, France and England) and has conducted theatre workshops across Pakistan.

Imran-ul-Haq (Actor, Production Manager)

He is a vital part of the team, has been associated with theatre since 1992 and has performed in many countries as an actor, and participated in various national and international theatre festival as Production Manager (India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Iran and UK). Has had extensive theatre training.

Aqeel Ahmad (Coordinator, Actor, I.T Consultant)

He is basically IT Professinal having degree Master in Information Technology with 14 years of experience in Information technology. He is associated with theatre, TV last 10 years. He has done various theatre performance and couple of TV productions.

Usman Zia (Actor)

10 years of experience as a leading actor in international theatrical performances.

Muhammad Arif (Folk Singer, Actor, Director)

Folk Theatre activist from Bahawalpur from a family that has been creating folk theatre for over 500 years.

Calvin Luka (Production Assistant, Actor, Dancer)
Nadeem Abbas (Costume Designer, Choreographer, Actor)
Yaqoob Maseeh (Actor, Choreographer, Stage Assistant)
Amir Sahotra (Community Theatre Training Expert)

10 years’ experience as theatre activist; has conducted community theatre training workshop all over Pakistan.

Dr. Mubashir,Ahsan Khan, Dr Zoya Qazi, Muhammad Imran, Zohaib Haider, , Alia Abbassi, Khola Qurashi, Ashir Khan, Shahid Ghfoor Muhammad Wasim, Wasim Haider, Alivina Khan, Hasroon Raja, (Actors, Production Assistants)

5 years of experience in performing theatre in different parts of the world.

Adnan John and Krishan Lall (Musicians)

Trained and experienced musicians of Tabla, Harmonium, Dholak, Pakhawaj, and Piano Keyboard.